Two Minnesotan anglers reach Valdez Halibut Derby leaderboards

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Halibut Derby continues down in Valdez, just completing it's sixth week of action.

We saw some hefty hauls this week with two participants reeling in fish over 200 pounds.​

Matt Janezic of Duluth Minnesota, says he has been fishing in Valdez for the last 12 years.​
He may of caught his best fish yet, reeling in a 203.4 pounder, good enough for him to slide into third place overall.​

But, it was Christopher Barnes of Moorhead, Minnesota, who owned the week.​

Barnes hooked a 225.6 pound Halibut, positioning him comfortably in second place.​

The Derby will continue through September 1st and still, Fairbanks' very own Christine Ives holds the top spot, with her 285.6 pound slab she reeled in on June 6th.​