Top plays for the week of September 17th through the 23rd

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It's time to look at the top plays of the week with the latest I-5.
Kicking off the week is Eielson Offensive Lineman Mason Johnson, who gets a chance to line up in the backfield in the Ravens Senior Game against Valdez. Johnson gets the ball and turns into Earl Campbell, breaking tackles all the way into the endzone, with a classy celebration at the end. Him and Senior Guard Scott Fry both found their way into the endzone for the Dirty Birds.
Next up is Monroe Catholic's Isaac Minnema who keeps his eye on the ball and hauls in this touchdown pass by Trae Puryear after it is tipped into the air. The Rams dominated Redington 34-0 on Saturday night, ensuring a winning season.
We're gonna switch to Flag Football for the #3 spot on the list, this one belonging to Hutchison's Kenya Edwards. She hauls in this pass by catching the end of the ball with her fingertips and runs the rest of the way to the endzone. This was part of Hutch's 25-18 win over West Valley.
In the #2 spot is West Valley's Isaiah Warner who might have the longest run of the season. The Senior runningback takes the handoff and sprints towards the right sideline. He then stuttersteps a few North Pole defenders off of the field before reversing all the way to the other sideline, where he outruns a few more defenders into the endzone.
And #1 for the week belongs to Allyonna Mandregan from Hutchison High School. The Junior Middle Blocker takes the set from her classmate Emily Wayfield and delivers the game-winning kill in the fifth set to secure the shocking upset over the West Valley Wolfpack. This was the first win over the Wolfpack for Hutchison since 2014.