Top five plays of the week of September 2nd-9th

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In number five for the week is Lathrop Quarterback Aniya Tuck. While she's normally running in touchdowns, this time she found paydirt through the air, hitting her wide opne reciever in the middle of the endzone for six points.
At Number four we have Monroe Catholic Senior Madlyn Leslie who perfectly threads the ball between two Eielson Blockers and delivers the kill where no defenders could reach it. This was in the third act of Monroe's 3-set sweep over the Eielson Ravens.
In the Number three spot is Eielson Quarterback Payton Devaughn who completes his second touchdown pass of the day to Brock Renson. This time there were plenty of Homer defenders around, but Renson was able to out-reach them all and haul in the touchdown.
Here we have our first College play on the I-5, this one belongs to Nanook Sophomore Lahra Weber. The Outside Hitter from Berlin Germany is denied by the Central Washington front line. The Nanooks were then able to rally and give Lahra another shot, and she took full advantage, sending the ball into the defenders hands with enough force to get it to fall for the "Point Nooks"
And at Number 1 we have our first Special Teams play on the I-5. Avery Weston hauls in the punt at the 35 yards line. He breaks 4 tackles right after fielding the punt, then breaks three more on his way to the endzone. This 65 yard punt return is the second appearance on the I-5.