Top five plays for the week of August 20th through the 26th

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It's time to showcase the top 5 plays for the week of August 20th through the 26th.
Starting off the list is Lathrop Quarterback Jaden Little, who is able to extend this play by scrambling in the backfield for about 10 seconds before finding Bubba Maschmeier in the endzone. This was in the third quarter of Lathrop's loss to the defending state champion Soldotna Stars.
Next up is West Valley defensive back Avery Weston, who continues to be the most clutch player in the Interior. This was a one score game with Chugiak marching toward the endzone, but Weston was able to secure the 22-7 win for the Pack with this Pick-6. The Wolfpack are our only undefeated team in the Interior, sitting at 3-0 this year.
Moving to Flag Football, the West Valley Wolfpack were able to earn their first victory of the season last week with a 19-0 victory over North Pole. That win was secured by Sheridan Blasey's punt return, running through North Pole defenders and the pouring rain all the way to the endzone.
Another week sees another Aurora Conference Volleyball team make the top five, this time with Monroe Catholic's Camille Lesko. The Senior dives to save the ball about 6 inches off of the ground. Sophomore Tia Campanelli then sends the ball back to Lesko, who delivers the killshot. Monroe ended up sweeping the Patriots in 3 sets.
And number one belongs to this insane grab by North Pole receiver Alex Garcia. Garcia turns into the Jump-man logo, stretches out, and hauls the ball in with one hand. Normally a catch like this is the end of the play, but A-Gar was able to run for another 25 yards before he is brought down.
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