Top 5 Plays of 2017: High School Football

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For the remainder of 2017, we will be showing the top 5 plays of the year in each of our Interior Sports.
We'll start this series with some High School Football.

"Before we get started on the list we have a couple of honorable mentions. First up is Preston Damario, who runs it about 30 yards for a touchdown. He put the team on his back, then his blockers celebrated by putting him on theirs. The Celebration alone nearly earned this play a spot on the list.
Our other Honorable Mention belongs to Eielson Reciever Christian Bolten. Bolten locates a very high angled pass from Quarterback Payton Devaughn and then did the rest of the work himself, shedding a tackle and running another 60 yards before earning the touchdown. The only thing keeping this off the list was another play by an Eielson Raven.
Number five on the list belongs to Monroe Catholic. The Rams were up by a field goal on Seward before Trae Puryear hit Yadiel Ortiz on a slant route. Ortiz outruns tacklers for about 70 yards before he sheds them off on his way to the Endzone. This play helped Monroe avenge their loss to Seward from the prior season.
Number four belongs to the Aurora Conference's Offensive Player of the Year Jeremiah Brown. In this rematch of the 2016 State Championship, Brown helped secure the win with this 50 yard sweep. After a great block by Ryan Armour, Brown Jukes and Spins past two seperate defenders at the Goal Line to fight his way into the Endzone.
Number three Belongs to Chateau Reed, who was a human highlight reel for the Lathrop Malemutes this season. He could have made the list for this 80 yard catch and run against West Anchorage... Or this Sportcenter Juggling Catch in the Endzone against East. However, this year he makes the list for his tightrope walk in the back of the Endzone in the Dog Bowl. Reed's perfect foot placement helped the Malemutes beat West Valley, avenging their loss from the previous Dog Bowl.
Number 2 goes to North Pole's Jamie Johnson. Johnson may be known for his offensive prowess. But in this 70 yard Pick-six against Barrow, Johnson breaks three tackles to score as a defensive back. Johnson had to drag one whaler for about 5 yards and then shed off another tackler at the 10 yard line to earn the touchdown.
And number one goes to Lathrop's James Precourt for this incredible catch against North Pole. The Perfect foot placement in the corner of the endzone helped his squad earn their first win of the year over the previoudly undefeated North Pole Patriots. Another aspect of this phenomenal play is the pin-point accuracy of Lathrop QB Josh Hernandez, who threw this ball where nobody but Precourt could bring it down."