The first person from Fairbanks competes in American Ninja Warrior

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fairbanks is now home to a ninja.

Christi Hannah is the first person from the Golden Heart City to compete in American Ninja Warrior, NBC's obstacle course competition show.

The single mother of three took on the intricate obstacle course in Seattle last month and her performance aired Monday night on NBC.

Hannah cruised her way through much of the course, before meeting the 'lightning bolt' obstacle, which got the best of her.

However, this will not be the last ninja-ing we will see from Hannah. Her qualifying time of 1:37 was good enough to place her in the top 5 which, which advances her to the city finals where she will compete in the course again next month.

Christi talked about what was running through her mind prior to running the course.

"I didn't want to talk to anybody, I told my family just meet me there, no hugs, no emotions, I did not want to cry before I ran," Hannah said with a laugh. "You have the weight of the world on your shoulders and you have all of these expectations from all this different people about how you're supposed to do but you kind of have to just drop it all and run for yourself at that point."

The 30-year-old Physical Education teacher in Iowa had an eventful few weeks while visiting her home town of Fairbanks.
Hannah is celebrating her on air appearance of American Ninja Warrior, while also spending time to connect with the youth.

Christi has visited the Fairbanks Resource Center and the North Star Borough School District's Summer Food Program, where she hung out with kids and promoted healthy living.

"Being an inspiration for my hometown and for the kids growing up here, its blown my mind away," Hannah said. "I never expected to be here, this was all just a dream and you do your best and you get there."

The Hutchison High School Graduate met the Alaska Goldpanners, made time for hiking, and even participated in the Midnight Sun Run.

All of this led up to Monday Night, where Hannah's performance of American Ninja Warrior aired on NBC.

This is just the beginning of Hannah's American Ninja Warrior experience, and she already has plans of using her platform to improve the Fairbanks Community.

"For Fairbanks I really want to bring a gym back here. The suicide rate is high, drug rate is high, kids are getting into alcohol young. I want to bring a gym back for our teens and kids, to start them young into goals and into something good for them and healthy. Then I hope to change the town with it."

Who knew Fairbanks needed more ninjas.