Sports around the Interior canceled due to air quality

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The smoke seems to be interfering with everyone's summer plans, including sports here in the Interior.

Several youth sports programs and the Alaska Goldpanners have canceled all activities for Wednesday.

Air Quality in Fairbanks has been deemed Hazardous according to the World Air Quality Index.

Interior Youth Baseball, Interior Girls Softball Association, and the Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association are a few of the youth organizations who have canceled activity.

While each organization has different parameters for canceling, an "unhealthy" air quality level is often enough to cancel games and practices.

"If air quality is in the unhealthy range or worse, we cancel all games we have at the soccer complex," FYSA Program Director Tamara Shirley said. "That is just a combination of what is recommended as well as what we have gotten from parents and what they prefer. Typically we make that determination by the 4 p.m. hour, but if the writing is on the walls, we will call that a little bit earlier in the day."

While the Panners series-opener against the South Bay Saints is canceled Wednesday, they will be making the game up with a double-header Saturday, starting at 5 p.m.