Skiers of All Ages Gather for Annual 'Ski Your Age in Kilometers Event'

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - There was a special event going on all day yesterday on Birch Hill.
About 177 people signed up for the Annual Ski your Age in Kilometers event.
The event was very low-key and took place from 10 am to 4 pm.
Nearly 200 skiers took the opportunity to shed some of their Holiday pounds by skiing their age or some portion of it in Kilometers.
While most did hit their age number, some went above and beyond.
15 year old Eric Difolco and Luke Buth both skied 31 kilometers while 24 year old Alasdair Tutt skied 50.
Arguably the most impressive was "Bad" Bob Baker.
Baker, who marked his age at 59.94, went out and skied 61 Kilometers.
Baker, who skis in this event every year, wanted to make sure he had all of his bases covered.

"Bad" Bob Baker; Ski Your Age Competitor>>"This is ski your age, so I'll be sixty next month and so if I skied 60 that would cover it. But then people would talk about, you know, life begins at conception, so you got to add nine months there. So I figured 61 would definitely cover it. It's a great way to spend the day and we all eat and maybe drink too much over the holidays. And you get the weight off pretty quickly doing this so."