Running Club North hosts 25th annual Santa Claus Half-Marathon

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Early this morning under cloudy skies and over wet ground was the start of the 25th Santa Claus Half-Marathon, held at Chena Lakes. Holding slots for both early runners and the regular, Running Club North made sure that as many people could pass the finish line as close together as possible.
For the early runners their start was an hour before the main start time. This was set in an attempt to have most contestants finish in a reasonable amount of time. At 9 the regular runners took to the pavement and gravel and among them ran Rick Lader and Faith Widman, our winners for this year's half-marathon. Neither one being a stranger to these kind of events, we met with Rick shortly after to ask how he was recovering after a hamstring injury he had a few weeks back, and Faith with what this run means for her with college just around the corner. Both seemed pretty optimistic.
"I'm pretty happy with it. I'm using this marathon pace- I've heard I've got a marathon in two weeks from now in Anchorage, so I aimed to test those paces out today. Yeah, I was pretty pleased with my effort. It was pretty smooth throughout and this was my first time running this race. Like I said I suffered a bit of a hamstring injury three weeks ago so this was an exploratory run, if you will, to make sure that I could handle these paces for a sustained effort and I did. Nothing really flared-up on me, so I'm pretty happy with today's run," said Rick Lader, First Place for Men.
"Honestly I don't know I just kind of went out; saw how I felt, adjusted. I mean, it kind of shows that I'm fit and my endurance is up and I'm ready for college running. I didn't really have my teammates to run this with me so as far as that I couldn't- those are the people I usually kind of- If I can run with them I know I'm in good shape but if not, you know. I know I have to work a bit, but I didn't have them with me this race, sadly," said Faith Widman, First Place for Women.
Congratulations to everyone who participated, I hope they enjoyed themselves especially during the post-run barbeque. If you would like to participate at the next run hosted by Running Club North you can find all of their upcoming events on