Rundown of Friday night's football matches

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Last night was a big one for the Monroe Catholic's Rams as they defeated the Division III Nikiski Bulldogs 22-6.
In the opening, safety Isaac Minnema of the Rams made an interception of 37 yards to take 6-0 by the end of the quarter.
SS Minnema ran 54 yards to land the 2nd kick in Monroe's score bringing it to 22-6, essentially finishing the game two quarters early.
For the first play of the fourth quarter Minnema made an end-zone interception with Noah Litke to take the game home and put it to bed.
Isaac Garcia and Josh Gray supplied the running back strength Monroe needed to take the win. Isaac tackled and bolted his way to rack up 75 yards for 12 carries on the night, with Gray providing as much energy if not more to maintain 131 yards on 17 carries.
Man of the hour Minnema spoke to us after the intense matchup and had this to say.
"Oh, nothing like it- nothing like it. We're very aggressive, ready to play ready to win."
"Well we started out in man, and number 11 made some phenomenal plays so we switched it over the zone and free safety; I just love playing it. I know how to read quarterback, so they put me in a zone and it just worked. It just gets better from here. It just gets better from here. We're ready to play. We're ready to play," said Minnema.
"This man balled tonight."
Palmer had a victorious matchup against West Valley last night as well. After taking the first score Palmer had to make up ground lost when West Valley took an 8-6 lead after a touchdown pass by Maurice Maiden.
This wasn't too difficult as Palmer built a 20-8 lead in the next two quarters. West Valley then scored again in the fourth to make it a 20-16 game but it was too little too late.
Palmer won 20-16. Maiden led the team in scoring with a touchdown pass and a run.