Rifle Coach responds to schoolboard about potential Budget Cuts

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The discussion on budget cuts to sports continued at Tuesday evening's School Board meeting.
Teacher and Rifle Coach, Mary Reece came before the board to advocate for the sport in schools.
If approved, the 2018-19 budget could cut hockey, rifle and football cheer from four borough schools.
Reece says that rifle is a safe sport.
There have been zero injuries over the last 20 years of the sport in the interior.
And while she understands that creating a budget is difficult, she still hopes the school board will keep sports in mind.

Mary Reece; Rifle Coach>>"It's all about gun safety, and about training. There are more sports students that have gone through the rifle program that have gone onto collegiate level or even through the Olympics than any other sport in the state, if not the, a lot of the country. I realize again that your budget is very important but I just want rifle to stay on your forefront, the thoughts of these students that are involved, the parents that are very involved."