Reinheller family wins 2018 Backyard Rink Competition

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Backyard Rink Competition has become a Hockey week staple.
And this year's winner is Ryan Reinheller and his family.
Not even the howling wind and heavy snow could stop the kids from coming out onto this rink.
They even brought out the Hot Chocolate and Hot Tang for everyone braving the conditions to play.
The main reason President of the Fairbanks Hockey Hall of Fame Randy Zarnke chose this rink was because of all the kids from the Neighborhood who came out to enjoy it.
Randy Zarnke; President - Fairbanks Hockey Hall of Fame>>: "We're at the home rink of the Reinheller family. This is part of Hockey Week in Fairbanks. We have the backyard rink contest every year, and these folks are the winner this year. And so we have the plaque made by Holiday Parks, which is a real piece of art. That'll be hanging, I'm sure, in a place of prominence in the Reinheller home. Why don't you grab that? And also we have a certificate that can be on the desk somewhere."