Race against Racism held in the Interior

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - On Sunday Night, Interior Runners took part in the annual Race Against Racism.
This is the second consecutive running of the race, which was brought back from a decade long absence a year ago. ​
The race started at the JP Jones development Center and had both 5 and 10 kilometer tracks and was open to serious runners as well as walkers and rollers. ​
The proceeds from the race went to the NAACP Scholarship fund.​
Competitors ran by landmarks in Fairbanks that honor the diversity in Interior Alaska. ​
Co-Director for the Race Against Racism, Andy Harrington, says that while events like this won't solve the issue, they do allow participants to come together for a cause. ​
"There has to be serious discussions , there has to be dialogue, there has to be problem solving. There's legal dimensions and spiritual dimensions and social dimensions. This is a feel good event, and obviously it's not going to solve the problem, but it is a way that our entire community come together and celebrate our diversity. Say that racism has no place in Interior, Alaska. So it's not going to be the be all to end all, but it's an important component of that," said Harrington.