Petit talks scratch working with dogs to overcome emotional barriers

KTUU reporter MK Burgess talks with musher Nic Petit about his unexpected scratch in this year's Iditarod.

It was one of the most dramatic and heartbreaking moments of this year’s Iditarod. Musher Nic Petit’s team stopped cold in their tracks, their race over for the year.

The people of Girdwood, where Petit has his kennel, gave him a warm welcome home Wednesday night. Reporter MK Burgess of station KTUU in Anchorage was there. In the following video he talks about the moment that his dogs came to a halt and his plan to help them overcome the emotional barriers they faced in order to continue racing in the Iditarod in the years to come.

We wish Nic and he team the best of luck in the journey ahead of them.

Story Credit: KTUU Anchorage