Parks and Rec Department holds coaches clinic for Wheelchair Basketball

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Last night the Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks and Recreation Department held a coaches clinic for Wheelchair Basketball.
Several coaches and Volunteers gathered at the boys and girls club of Fairbanks to learn about the sport.
Jeff Dick from Challenge Alaska brought the chairs up here to Fairbanks to help teach the proper way to shoot, dribble, and even pick up the ball.
Challenge Alaska makes it their mission to improve the lives of people with disabilities through adaptive sports.
Wheelchair Basketball is one of the most popular Paralympic Sports and allows anyone to play.
This gives a rare opportunity for disabled and able-bodied athletes to play alongside each other.
There will be another Clinic and some games tonight at Hunter Elementary School.
These are free to attend.
The Parks and Rec department is also trying to set up weekly Wheelchair Basketball Games.
Jeff Dick; Challenge Alaska>>: "After this we are going to be leaving some of our Sport Wheelchairs with the Park and Rec folks and they are going to be able to hold some of wheelchair basketball clinics, sessions, and some ongoing weekly games. We're trying to give them the basic skills so they can teach the people in the community how to play the sport and have fun. It allows people in the community with disabilities to stay active, lead a more active lifestyle. And in a lot of cases it allows people to stay engaged with their friends and their family members. Some people they lose contact, or have never had a chance to play basketball with their sibling because of a disability. This allows siblings to play together, parents to play with their kids, spouses, whoever to play with, friends."