Parker, Carr, pace 12th annual Run of the Valkyries

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Continuing the summer race series, the Fairbanks Opera hosted the 12th annual Run of the Valkyries on Saturday.

Over 100 participants took on the 8-kilometer course that began at Pioneer Park, before running along side the Chena River, and circling back to the Park.

On what was a very hot day, Chris Carr paced the women, clocking in at 36:02, for what she says is her first win of the summer.

"I felt pretty good, I didn't know how it was going to be, but I knew it was a hot day," Carr said after the race.
"I think it is just all in the day. People beat me some days, I beat them others, just depends on how everyone is feeling."

The Men's winner, Jacob Parker, had himself quite the week.

On July 4, Parker completed Mount Marathon, the annual race in Seward where competitors ascend up the 2,000 foot mountain with loose rocks and steep inclines.

He then drove back to Fairbanks yesterday, and took home the overall crown at the Run of the Valkyries Saturday.

Parker crossed the finish line at 32:52 seconds, over a minute before the next competitor.

"My big thing is I just like being outdoors," Parker said after his eventful week. "I am not a big hunterman, I am not a big fisherman, so getting out here, getting in the sun, getting outdoors, that's my way of doing it. I am a little bit competitive I like seeing other people out here doing it, so I enjoy the entire running community."

Both Carr and Parker will be taking on the Ester Dome Ass-Kicker Sunday.
The 6.75 mile race goes through extreme hills and trails and begins at 10 a.m.

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