Investigation finds that a former Ohio State Doctor sexually abused at least 177 students

An investigation into a now-deceased team doctor from Ohio State University has revealed that at least 177 men were sexually abused by Dr. Richard Strauss. It was also revealed in the findings released by the school this morning that University personnel had heard several complaints and concerns about the doctor's conduct but failed to act.

The law firm in charge of the investigation interviewed hundreds of students and former employees at the University. From those interviews, they were able to conclude that the inappropriate conduct took place during Strauss's employment from 1979 to 1997, during his tenure as team doctor for 16 different sports teams as well as his time in the Student Health Center and his off-campus clinic. The accusers claim that at least 20 school officials and staff members were aware of the doctor's behavior but didn't stop him. According to the release, the firm found the accounts from the survivors highly credible.

Ohio State President Michael Drake released a letter earlier today offering his condolences to the survivors while calling the situation a "fundamental failure" of the institution. Strauss retired from Ohio State in 1998 and was given "Emeritus" status, which he held until his death in 2005. The University has said that they will begin the process of revoking his status.