New Head Coach Largen Reveals Plan for Nanooks Hockey

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Erik Largen has officially taken his place as the new coach for the Alaska Nanook Hockey Team.
Aaron Walling introduces us to the new face of Nanook Hockey.
On April 30th, the University of Alaska Fairbanks named the 10th head coach of their Ice Hockey Program, naming Erik Largen.
Weeks later, Largen sits in the offices at the Patty Center setting up recruit visits, scheduling exhibition games, and setting up his first season as the head coach.
But to Largen, connecting with the current players was the first thing on the agenda.
"I think the big thing for us, first and foremost was we wanted deal with the players right off the bat. So the guys that are eternally with our group, make sure they are taken care of. And last week was finals week as well so it was busy for them. I found some time to connect with all the guys and make sure their summer training plans were in place. Make sure that they knew, dates coming back up here, make sure classes were taken care of. Just all the little details, connecting with them first," said Erik Largen, Alaska Nanooks Head Coach.
Largen also in the interview process expressed that the program needed to be fully funded, which the University granted that request.
"That's big, like to know that administratively this is completely backed by UAF, the UA system is big for our program. It's great for the community, it's great for recruiting just to know that the program's here to stay, and the longevity of it is as healthy as it has ever been. So that's exciting, and I think it should be exciting when we get on the recruiting trail," Largen said.
To Coach Largen, there is one series on the schedule that has him pretty excited.
"I think the one Saint Cloud where we open up at home, I think that's exciting, obviously all the games, you know you go to Arizona State first time. Then we come home to Saint Cloud, just getting, a nationally team that was number one in the country for so long last year. A team that made the NCAA tournament, to get a chance to play them at home, see where how we've done over the summer, progressing as a group and to see where we are at on the national stage is pretty exciting challenge," said Largen.
This is Aaron Walling, KTVF Sports.