Nanooks hockey opens new year with loss against Northern Michigan

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Alaska's Nanooks have unfortunately taken another notch to their record this season, when they fell to Northern Michigan last night.
This is their first game of the year and follows a poor matchup against Lake Superior back in early December.
Falling to 4-13-2 and 4-8-1-1 in WCHA, our Nooks lost 4-0.
The first only saw action from Joseph Nardi and Grant Loven of the Wildcats, Nardi taking the first point of the game at just under a minute in game time, and Loven slipping one in with a minute and a half of game time left in the first period.
The second brought some hope with neither team able to land a puck in net, a nod toward the favor of Alaska with an up in defense. The Nooks also had two power plays within the second, with their second one allowing five shots at the net. However not a single point was earned, and opened up the third for the Wildcats to take an additional 2 points.
This game was an excellent one for Northern Michigan, whose last game against Ferris State mid-December was just barely in the Wildcats favor. This game concluded with Michigan's record going up to 9-4-0-0 in WCHA and 10-10-0 overall.
However this isn't the last the team sees the likes of Alaska, as they face our home-team one more time tonight at the Carlson Center.
"Yeah, we had a few mistakes. We just have to clean it up. Most of all we just have to make sure we're keeping the puck where we want it," said Tyler Cline, Junior Forward.
"Of course, it sucks a little bit. But, we'll go home now, we'll have a good rest and tomorrow is another great day for hockey," said Gustavs Davis Grigals, Freshman Goalie.