Nanooks hockey falls to Bemidji State

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Nanooks faced Bemidji State last night at the Sanford Center for their first in a two game series going into today. The nooks have been on a streak as of late of poor matchups, and this game certainly didn't help. Alaska lost 0-3.
Neither team managed to make their push within the first period, Bemidji making the first score of the game in the early minutes of the second, following that up with a second puck in net 14 minutes late into the period. Bemidji State wasn't done there, however, and made their final push near the end of the third.
Alaska saw 5 power plays in total last night spanning a total of eight minutes as opposed to BSU's 2. Out of those five, the nooks only made three shots with two of them having a chance at scoring.
This was undoubtedly a rough start to the rival's two-game series, which will conclude today down in Minnesota.
Before we end this story we do have some details on the results of Nikolas Koberstein's game penalty that came about in last night's Bemidji game. The Alaska Nanook player, after being penalized for a five-minute major and a game misconduct infraction for checking from behind at 18 minutes into the third, has been issued a one-game suspension and will not play until the team's January 18th match against Bowling Green at home.