Nanooks fall 0-6-1 after out of state match

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The nooks have fallen once more to the Mavericks last night in a conference match in Minnesota.
This was their 6th official match-up in WCHA play, and the first in another series of two against Minnesota State.
Though they fought valiantly, the nooks lost this one 0-4.
The first period saw no action from either team but early into the 2nd is when things started to heat up on the ice. With 4 and a half minutes on the clock, Reggie Lutz of the Mavericks took a clean shot to the net and landed the first point of the game. About 6 minutes later, Julian Napravnik made the team's second point in the second period. Julian however was not done and turned his score into a streak 3 minutes of game-time later. Finishing, as per tradition with the third period, the Mavericks made one final push to solidify their win. Charlie Gerard finished the night with a puck in net leaving the nooks to dry.
Going into statistics, the Nooks had the hardest time all season to find their rhythm as they had made a total of 6 shots on goal in this match, compared to Minnesota's 26. This brings us to goalkeeping, where Anton Martinsson saved 22 of the 26 made by the Mavericks, with 6 in the first, 11 in the second and 5 in the third.
This match ended with further disappointment for Alaska's Nanooks, but it opens up for another shot at Minnesota State tonight.