Nanook Hockey slams Alabama Huntsville in first of two matchups

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Nanook's one and only hockey team has left the state and is on the road once more. Last night the Nooks faced off against Alabama Hunstville and left with another positive digit to their season record. This game ended, Nanooks victorious, 3-1.
The path this game would take was pretty unclear at the start. Bauer Neudecker of Alabama Hunstville was responsible for the first point of the game at 8:16 in the first. This remained unanswered until the second, when the Nooks took the game from there. Within a power-play, Kylar Hope made the first point for Alaska at 6:26 in. Just four minutes later Colton Leiter slammed one past defense to secure the second point of the night. Newton Max made the team's final point after much conflict within the third period. The aftermath saw the Nooks move up in their record, resting them at 7-16-2, and 7-11-1 in WCHA. This game was the first in a series of two that concludes tonight in Huntsville.