Nanook Athletic department hosts public unveiling for Patty Center renovations

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The renovations are complete at the UAF Patty Center.
We attended the official revealing earlier today to give you an exclusive look at the new and improved facilities. ​​
The Alaska Nanook Athletic department opened the Patty Center doors to the public today to officially unviel the renovations they have made in the past year. These include a brand new weight room as well as team and locker rooms for the Cross Country teams along with both basketball squads and the volleyball team. UAF Provost Anupma Prakash opened the ceremony by confirming the importance of athletics to the University. ​
"At UAF, high quality academics and high quality sports go hand-in-hand. We are so incredibly proud of our athletes and everyone who contributes to the success of these athletes," said Prakash.​
The new facilities are a massive improvement for the Nanooks. Alumni Association representative Scott Roselius remembered his time at the university, and said that these improvements will help not just current athletes, but also the recruiting process. ​
"For student-athletes, for coaches, who are able to recruit, to bring them into a space where there's locker rooms and weight rooms, and not be embarrassed, and have a chance to get a student-athlete... You can't undersell the value that brings to an athletic department and a community really," said Roselius.​
The Weight Room was funded by a donation from Usibelli Coal Mine, who have a longstanding history of sponsoring the University. President Joe Usibelli Jr. says that they had been looking for a way to support all sports, and the weight room was the perfect opportunity. ​​
"To see it and see the quality of it and at the same time see the locker rooms and the facilities. It's just a wonderful thing," said Usibelli Jr.​​
Sterling Steward Jr., who is halfway through his first year as Nanook Athletic Director, closed the ceremony by thanking the volunteers, administration, coaches, and athletes for helping achieve this vision as UAF looks to continue taking steps to improve their athletics. ​​
"We must be a community in order for this thing to work. And last but not least, I want you all to remember, we rule the North. Thank you," said Steward Jr.