NANOOK CORNER: Legendary former UAF Basketball player Andre Green returns to the Patty Center

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A UAF legend returned to the Patty Center last night for the game against Holy Names.
We're going to take a closer look in this week's Nanook Corner.
While last night's Double-overtime home opener was a classic for the Alaska Nanooks, the game also served as a homecoming for a former Nanook. Andre Green played for UAF between 1987 and 1989. And last night he got to step back into the Patty Center to watch a basketball game for the first time in a long time.
Andre Green; UAF Basketball 1987-1989>>: "It's my first time back in a good while. I want to say like, 6-7 years since I've been back here. It's nice. It's the first time I've seen a game though, in the winter, in I want to say 20 plus years. So it was really nice. They fixed the place up real nice too."
Andre played for the Nanooks from 1987-1989 before going to play Professional Basketball in Switzerland, but he made a huge impact while he was here. Andre ranks 14th in the all time leading scoring for the Nanook Basketball team with 1,001 points, ranking him just below fellow Nanook great Mike Lessley and above Kenny Baker. He also ranks 22nd in career rebounding, right above Brad Oleson. His impact goes far beyond Stats, as he also led the Nanooks to the Great Northwest Conference Championship in 1989, which led to their first appearance in the Division 2 National Championship tournament.
Andre Green; UAF Basketball 1987-1989>>: "A lot of good memories. I was just talking to a lot of people that I used to play with or they used to watch us play and it was, like, a surreal feeling. You see all the new stuff and you see the teams going at it nice and hard like we did back then."
Green's son Andre now plays Guard for Holy Names University. This allowed Green to have the Unique Experience of watching his son play his Alma Mater on the court that he used to call home.
Andre Green; UAF Basketball 1987-1989>>: "It was good to see him play on the same floor that I played on. That was a big thing. That doesn't happen to most. So to see him play, and then perform, that's always a plus. And then like I said, today it was a great thing for Holy Names to win. And then on the other side, you don't ever want your Alma Mater to lose. So it was kinda back and forth but it was a good game to watch. Double-Overtime you can't beat that."
The University of Alaska has a habit of sticking with the Students who go there, and especially the athletes who play there. While he may wear Holy Names colors now, Andre Green's home will always be UAF, and his contributions to the Nanook Basketball team will always be remembered.