Mushers in Kobuk 440 reach home stretch

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Kobuk 440 continued yesterday, and all of the Mushers have crossed the halfway point in the last major race of the year.
It looks like all of the top teams spent most of their day just outside of the Selawick Checkpoint. ​
Ryan Redington was the first to get back on the trail and has taken the lead as we approach the home stretch. ​
defending race champion Nic Petit is right on his tail while Tony Browning is in the bronze medal position. ​
Jessie Holmes and Hugh Neff are still in Selawick and will round out the top five for today. ​
Selawick is one of the last checkpoints in the Kobuk 440. ​
Once they leave there the Mushers will only have to run through Noorvick before finding their way back to Kotzebue to finish the race.