More Medals Handed Out at WEIO

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Thursday night, Sara Steeves of Juneau reached a height of 72 inches to take the crown in the woman's division in the Alaskan High Kick. Camille Bernard (67") and Emily King (66") earned silver and bronze. On the men's side, Casey Ferguson wowed the crowed when he reached a height of 92 inches for gold. Anchorage residents Maklyan Ivanoff (86") and Andrew Kashevarof (86", two misses) finished behind Ferguson.

In the Muktuk eating contest, Stanley Riley finished his plate in 28 seconds, 14 seconds faster than the next opponent, Sophie Swope of Bethel, who finished second. Riley also broke the record in the four man carry Thursday night.

In events taking place on Friday, Nicole Johnston of Anchorage won the Indian Stick Pole for the women, while Erza Elisoff was the champion on the men's side. Leroy Shangin of Anchorage and Arnold Phillip of Kwillingok earned silver and bronze respectively.

In the popular ear pull competition, Auna Reed-Lewis outlasted Joanne Semaken in the women's division. For the men, Linc Qimiq of Fairbanks took the crown. Leroy Shangin and Seth Strange, of Chugiak, placed behind Qimiq.

More medals are being handed out Friday, with the two-foot high-kick, the women's blanket toss, and drop the bomb.