Monroe football begins season with addition of Tri-Valley students

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Football season is here, as all of the local high school teams report to their first day of camp Wednesday.

The Monroe Catholic Rams opened up camp with the addition of a few players from Tri-Valley school.

In March, Monroe and Tri-Valley signed a cooperative agreement to combine into one team.

Tri-Valley has been trying to put together a team for several years, while Monroe regularly has less than 20 players on it's team.

"One of the big things we want to hit is just being in tune with each other, being able to feed off each other and know each other and grow, because we have guys from Healy now, so that brings a different perspective than it did last year," Rams assistant coach Wayne Webb said at practice. "As far as that goes, we are just working on a lot of cohesive stuff, just trying to make those guys feel welcome and into the family and go from there."

Monroe graduated nine players from lat year's squad, and are looking to fill in key spots on the roster.

"You know we have always have had smaller numbers, so we have had to play both sides of the field," Webb added. "What the Healy guys give us is the opportunity to have breaks and a lot of those Healy guys are going to playing a lot as well, even though they are relatively new to the sport, because they obviously don't have it at their school."

One player who has been a part of the team the last three years is senior Jordan Higbee. Higbee is slated to be the quarterback, the kicker and the cornerback for the Rams football team.

"It is great, you always hear about ironman football and we have been playing that for four years now. It just makes us all in better shape, we don't have 30 guys so we all play both sides of the ball," Higbee said of playing with a smaller number of players. "I am looking forward to helping all the Healy guys learn what football is. It feels great, we met these guys three or four months ago so it is nice to finally get out on the field with them."

The Rams will kick-off their regular season on August 24th at 1 p.m. when they host the Nikiski Bulldogs at the Big Dipper Field.