Mike Morgan and Chris Olds win second consecutive Iron Dog

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For the second consecutive year, the team of Mike Morgan and Chris Olds has won the Iron Dog.
Morgan and Olds finished the 2,000 mile race at Pike's landing just before 11 o'clock this morning.
They outpaced the second place finishers, Team 6, Drinkhouse and George, by about 20 minutes.
The third place team of Boylan and Leslie finished about 15 minutes later to round out our top three for the year.
For Morgan and Olds, this is their second consecutive first place finish as a team.
This is Morgan's second overall championship in the Iron Dog and the fourth for Olds.
This team held the lead throughout the vast majority of the race, and were the first team to check into every checkpoint from Nome to Fairbanks.
We talked to the reigning two time champions about this latest victory.
"I don't ever feel like we had it won until we crossed the finish line. Just anything can happen and it's still nerve-wracking. Obviously, we felt really good this morning getting up and having a 35 minute lead or whatever it was. But still, that 35 minutes can go away real fast if you have some kind of problem. So until we cross the finish line I don't feel like we have anything won at all," said Olds.
"It's surreal, I don't even have words for it. It doesn't even make sense. Once I'm done racing it'll probably make a lot more sense to reflect on, but it's just crazy to think about," said Morgan.