Leaders in 2019 Iditarod rest in Grayling

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The two front-runners for the 2019 iditarod are both stopped at the same checkpoint, although Nicolas Petit was the first to check in.
Petit arrived at the Grayling Checkpoint at about 11:48 this morning, about 2 hours in front of defending Champion Joar Leifseth Ulsom.
Despite the fact that all of the top five mushers are in Grayling, Ulsom is in the driver's seat.
He has used both mandatory layovers, meaning that there is nothing stopping him between Grayling and Nome.
Jessie Royer is currently in third place while Peter Kaiser and Mitch Seavey will round out our top five for today.
Our current Red Lantern Holder is Jeremy Keller, who is in the Ophir Checkpoint with only nine dogs in the Harness.