Lathrop's Malemutes and Monroe's boys head on into final rounds of tournament

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - We have several teams going into the Mount Mckinley Bank Holiday Classic this week, let's take a look at the latest results from the participants.
Lathrop's Malemutes are going into the final rounds of the Mount Mckinley Bank Holiday Classic today, proving their worth in the field after a victory over Monroe Catholic's Rams Friday night. Valdez will be joining them in today's rounds at Monroe Catholic's Boileau Hall.
To this day the Malemute women have not lost a single game in this tourney, a challenge that is being met after falling to the Soldotna Stars in their last championship game, the Clark Cochrane Christmas Classic.
Looking to the boy's side of the tourney, we'll find the Rams who just pulled ahead of Lathrop in a game closing with a two-point difference at 58-56. This game made both rivals even and leaves them at 2-0 each in the Classic.