Lathrop soccer coaches say both teams in "rebuilding years"

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - West Valley opened their soccer season yesterday, but the rest of the Interior teams are still waiting for their opening day.

The Lathrop boy's team is set to open their season out on the road next weekend.

Last year the Malemutes made it to the MAC conference title game before dropping that game to West Valley.

Malemutes' head coach Logan Lyle said this is a younger team with some Junior leaders, and that it is a little bit of a rebuilding year.

One challenge that all of the Interior teams are facing right now is the snow, and Coach Lyle has worked the snow covered fields into some of the practices.

"It's a bit of a rebuilding year but we've got a good core group, a lot of good people we can work with," said Lyle. "Really easy to coach. All in all I think it is going to be a good season. Whether we are winning or losing the guys are out here having fun and they're a good group. Hoping we are hoping and praying but we have been out a few times as well as most of the other teams doing a little bit of shoveling on the turf fields. Not that it makes a big impact. You get out there and its really daunting to see that huge hundred plus yards of just snow. So we have done a little conditioning out there. We go out there and we just run through the snow to kind of break up that thick stuff. It's good for them, they hate me for it. They will appreciate it someday."

The Lady Malemutes are awaiting the start of their season next weekend as well.

This season may be somewhat of a rebuilding year for the Malemutes.
They have a young team this season with very little experience playing with each other especially compared to some of the teams they will be facing.
New Head Coach Lexy Jaramillo said she likes having a young team because they can all grow together.

"So far I have noticed that this team is really good at coming together. They mesh very well and communicate well at times," said Jaramillo. "Having them in a team setting is definitely beneficial for us this season. A lot of them are mostly freshman. So this year is a lot of rebuilding the team after a lot of seniors left last year. I'm new into head coaching for high school so its perfect to start of the season together. We have a lot of talent that is coming in and we expect a lot of good things this season. We aren't expecting a whole lot of wins but we aren't expecting losses either."