Lathrop Soccer's Aislynn Odsather joins Pfeiffer University

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - At Lathrop High School, Aislynn Odsather became the latest Soccer Player to sign her NLI this year.
She will be taking her talents to Pfeiffer University.
Odsather has become a leader for the Lathrop Soccer program these past few years and last season she was the lone Malemute named to the All-Mid Alaska Conference team.
Odsather made her decision to go to Pfeiffer after spending some time at Two Camps in North Carolina.
The Pfieffer Falcons are a Division Three School in Misenheimer North Carolina.
They are members of the USA South Athletic Conference.
Odsather, who played both soccer and Basketball for the Malemutes, will now be looking to help a different program succeed.
Aislynn Odsather; Signed to Pfeiffer University>>: "I've talked to the coaches and I think I am going to be playing center back, center mid player. As a player, I am very loud, talk a lot, yell a lot. I just have a very loud voice and a presence on the field so I am looking forward to bringing that to the team. I guess since I started playing soccer, playing in college was kind of my goal, my end goal for a long time. So it's really exciting to have this opportunity and play for a school that is really welcoming to me and I am really excited to play for Pfeiffer."