Lathrop Girls dominate Thunder Mountain in their season opener

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Lathrop Malemute Girls team was much more fortunate in their season opener against the Thunder Mountain Falcons last night.
The Malemutes dominated for a 46-21 win.
The Malemutes were able to outscore the Falcons 16-4 in the first period.
They then rode that wave of momentum to victory.
Three players scored double digit points for the home team.
Olivia Kraska led her squad in scoring with 14 points, senior forward Tyra Do dropped 12, and Ella Roberts earned 10.
The Malemute Girls will be in action again next Friday when they host the Delta Huskies for their annual Silent Night game.
Tyra Do; Senior - Lathrop Malemutes>>: "We have a lot of new girls that came in this year, so we got some fresh players, a lot of freshmen, it was good to see them. I know we haven't played together a lot, but the effort was great, and I am really proud of my team. We know, our strengths and our weaknesses, so we are going to work on strengthening our strengths, and figuring out ways to not allow teams to expose our weaknesses. And just playing basketball."