Late game heroics lift Nanooks against Ferris State

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Last night saw perhaps the most contested match in the Nanooks season thus far. Ferris State University came to Alaska while on their tour for a two-game series, nearly mirroring the nook's WCHA standings this season. The stakes were high going into overtime, until Jandric solidified their win almost immediately. The Nanooks won this match 4-3.

Going into the first both teams couldn't make it past the other's defense plays and so not a single point was made within the first period.
The second, however, was when both teams suddenly clicked, starting with Max Newton's score at 2 minutes of game-time. Four minutes later the Bulldogs decided to make their push and Coale Norris made an un-assisted score in net. Not a minute later and Tristan Thompson, with the help of Nikolas Koberstein and Colton Leiter, pushed forward into Bulldog territory and secured the team's second point this game.
However that was not the last action the second period would see, as Ferris State achieved one more point in a power-play, evening out the team's competitive scores before the end of the second.
The third was the period where both teams "locked-down", and made it the most difficult for either one to make any moves. But this did not stop Newton to make his second score on the night 4 minutes in, along with the help of Koberstein and Thompson. Just when the nooks got comfortable with their winning score and 5 minutes left in the third the Bulldogs made their move under Cooper Zech, once more tying-up the teams.
This justified the regulatory overtime that only heightened the excitement within the stadium.
With that, however, you know the rest. Steven Jandric scored with the help of Kylar Hope and brought the team's WCHA standings to 3-5 this season, leaving Ferris State behind at 2-5.
This concludes the first in the two-match series between the rivals and promises an exciting match tonight at the Carlson Center.
"I thought it was a good effort by our guys tonight; something that we haven't seen enough of this year, in the sense that we faced some adversity and responded really well," said Joe Howe, Assistant Head Coach.
"Yeah, you know, Kober made a really good play, I chipped it out and just took a wide on the guy and drove the net that somehow slid and so- I think it maybe went off the defense stick or something but it went in none-the-less. A goal is a goal, but obviously when you win the game for your team is pretty big, pretty special, having the guy's watch you," said Steven Jandric, #11 - Nanooks.
"Yeah I feel like we played in a lot of games like this, this year so far. As much as our record may show we battle pretty hard for the most part though out all of these games. I think we just came out on the right side of it today. We worked hard, obviously got some good balances. Guys made plays and just came out with the victory," said Max Newton, #20 - Nanooks.