Kriska wins 4th Yukon 800

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Before the competitors in the Midnight Sun Run were competing on the land, the boaters in the Yukon 800 dominated the water.
This year, a familiar name won the race.​
For the fourth time, Tom Kriska led his team to a first place finish in the Yukon 800. ​
The Be-Bi-Bones Express, consisting Tom, Shanay, and Shantille Kriska, finished the 800 mile race in 13 hours, 13 minutes, and 18 seconds. ​
Second place went to the boat named Bi-Polar, captained by Bobby Frankson, who finished in 13 hours, 21 minutes and 46 seconds. ​
And rounding out the top three for this year's edition of the Yukon 800 will the "Little Red", captained by Earl Mahler. ​
10 boat teams initially started the race, but all but four scratched at some point along the trail. ​