Kobuk 440 officially underway

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - This early spring may be upon us, but there is still time for one last Dogsled race this year.
The Kobuk 440 started yesterday, marking the last big race of the year.
The Current leader for this race is Nicolas Petit, the defending Kobuk 440 Champion. ​
Petit is competing for the first time since his highly publicized scratch from the 2019 Iditarod. ​
After holding the lead for the majority of the Iditarod, Petit left that race after some of the dogs on his team got into a fight. ​
The Dogs then hit what Petit called a mental block where they refused to run anymore, leading to him scratching. ​
His team seems to have overcome whatever was bothering them as they currently hold the lead and were the first team to reach Shungnak. ​
They were only a few minutes in front of the second place team belonging to Ryan Redington. Tony Browning is holding down third place while Jessie Holmes is in fourth, and Hugh Neff, who is competing in his first major race of the year, will round out the top five for the day. ​
Our current Red Lantern Holder is Hunter Keefe, who is approaching the Ambler Checkpoint.