Kendall Kramer and Logan Hanneman highlight final Besh Cup races

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 2019 Besh Cups came to an end on Saturday and Sunday up on the Birch Hill recreation area.
The male and female competitors in the top age group raced in a 1.2 kilometer classic sprint on Day One.
For the women, West Valley's Kendall Kramer, who represented Fairbanks Cross Country, was once again the top female finisher, winning the sprint in 4 minutes and 51 seconds.
UAA Senior Hannah Rudd took second, finishing six seconds later.
Another FXC representative, Victoria Bassette, took third with a five minute and one second time.
In the Men's race, Fairbanks Native and Olympic Skier Logan Hanneman took the top spot.
The Lathrop Graduate and APU Senior finished in 3 minutes and 49 seconds.
A fellow Lathrop Alumn, Logan Mowry took secondin four minutes and 2 seconds while FXC's Ari Endestad rounded out the top three with a 4 minute, 4 second time.
Sunday saw the racers compete in a 10 kilometer Freestyle.
In the women's race, Nanook Skier Kati Roivas took first with a 31 minute 52 second time.
APU claimed the next two spots with Aubrey LeClair finished in 33 minutes and 9 seconds, and Garviey Tobin finished one second later to round out the top three.
For the Men, Gus Schumacher took first in 26 minutes and 33 seconds.
Logan Mowry took second once again with a 27 minute, 58 second time and Ari Endestad took third in 28 minutes and 4 seconds.