Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain request merging of football and cheerleading programs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The North Pole Patriots have requested to Opt Up for next year and will be playing in the Division 1 level along with the West Valley Wolfpack and the Lathrop Malemutes in the Railbelt Conference.
It also came out yesterday that Thunder Mountain and Juneau-Douglas, two of the Other teams in the 4-team Southeast conference, have asked the ASAA to merge their football and cheerleading programs to help with costs.
The Juneau-Douglas football program is currently at a negative balance of $5,689 while Thunder Mountain is facing a deficit of $100,821.
According to a release from the Juneau School District, if the ASAA Approves the merger, then the Football team in Juneau will most likely move up to the Division 1 level and join the Railbelt Conference.
We will have more on what this means for next season as it develops.