Iron Dog front-runners in Manley Hot Springs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The top teams in the 2019 Iron Dog are spending their mandatory 18 hour layovers in Manley Hot Springs.
Team 10, Morgan and Olds, continue to hold their lead.
They checked into Manley around five oclock this morning, meaning they'll be able to leave around 11pm.
Team 6, Drinkhouse and George, checked in about 40 minutes after the leaders while Team 14, Boylan and Leslie were about 8 minutes behind them.
Also in Manley are team 5, Lapham and Weisz, and team 49, Gumley and Vanwingerden will round out the top five.
The top finishers in this year's race are expected to cross the finish line at Pike's Waterfront Lodge tomorrow around 10am.