In first match out of state Nanook Hockey falls to fifth consecutive loss

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Alaska faced Denver last night after our Nanooks left the last frontier to play out-of-state.
In the first match of a series of two Denver took this game with 4-1.
This leaves the Nooks dry this season without a single win to their season name.
The first period saw Alaska making all the right moves advancing pucks and made the first score of the game. Unfortunately this opened up defense as Denver snuck past 3 unanswered goals.
#27's Colton Leiter supplied the one goal in the nooks game-play out of the 26 total shots made. Denver nearly doubled that at 43 shots at net.
The second and third periods saw nothing from Alaska but 1 point was made by Denver in the third.
#33's Anton Martinsson made 39 saves as the Nanook goalie at a total game-time of 58 minutes and 30 seconds.
Alaska is still thirsty for their first win of the season, and you can be sure to bet that they are ready for a rematch tonight.