Iditarod clears Dallas Seavey of any wrong-doing in 2017 Dog Doping Scandal

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Iditarod has officially buried the hatchet with one of the more famous figures in the sport.
The Iditarod Trail Committee met to resolve the situation surrounding Dallas Seavey and the Dog Doping Scandal of 2017.
After meeting with Seavey and reviewing the information and evidence around the event, the ITC concluded that there is no proof that Seavey was involved with the incident and he has been found to have committed no wrong doing.
The ITC said in a statement that whatever happened that led to a positive drug test in several of his dogs was out of his control.
The scandal occured last year when several dogs on Seavey's team tested positive for Tramadol, an opioid painkiller.
Seavey maintained his innocence throughout the investigation, saying that he believed the drugs were given to his dogs with maliscious intent.
Since the incident occured, the Iditarod has added numerous measures to prevent a similar occurance.
These include 24/7 surveillance at several checkpoints and sealed food drop bags.
After Dallas sat out of the 2018 race in protest of how the board handled the incident, the trail committee said in their statement that they look forward to seeing him compete in the race again.
Seavey spoke on finally getting closure after this scandal rocked his mushing career a year ago.
"Personally we've been looking at information for almost two years trying to understand what's happening, we have information I certainly felt very compelling case that for the board to come down and take a look at this. And take an honest look at it. And say yeah it doesn't make since sense, yeah here's our conclusion. That does support and give us closure and it also, it also confirms anyone who is skeptical about the situation or unsure. I think it offers a resolution, I'm very much relieved, and feel grateful for the current board to for taking the time to conclude this situation and not letting it drag on," said Seavey.