Iditarod Trail Committee considering added security for 2018 Race

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - As the drama continues to hover over the Iditarod, the Iditarod Trail Committee has announced that they plan to increase security for the 2018 race.
ITC Spokesman Chas St. George said that may include installing security cameras where the Mushers take their dog teams after the race in Nome.
It could also include putting a camera on each musher's sled.
This is coming after Dallas Seavey, who had several dogs on his team test positive for Tramadol after the 2017 race, called for increased security on the trails recently.
Seavey denies giving his dogs the drugs and believes that the drugs were given to his dogs maliciously.
There was also another security issue after the race when a musher had four of his kennels allegedly stolen by another Musher, although those theft charges were dropped late last Month.
St. George says that the Trail Committee will continue to discuss how to increase security for the race.
He also said that the costs would come out of the 1 point 7 million dollar budget for this year's race.