Ice Dogs win over Springfield Jr. Blues by dominating score

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fairbanks' own Ice Dogs competed against the Springfield Jr. Blues last night in a conference matchup following the Dog's game against the Janesville Jets last Saturday.
This game was quite the entertaining, lopsided match; with Fairbanks taking it 8-1.
The first period suggested a struggle between the teams, with Fairbanks taking the first point right off the stick at 53 seconds and following it up 5 minutes later. The response by Springfield was made another 5 minutes later, leaving the team dry in points the rest of the game. Jax Murray and Ty Proffitt took the first's points, with Jax following it up in the early minutes of the second.
As the second saw no action from Springfield it left it completely open for the Dogs to go full force. After Jax's second point, Jack Johnston made his contribution at 10 minutes and 25 seconds in. Following 7 minutes after, Jax decided that he wasn't quite done in this game that was 4 to the Jr.'s 1, and slipped in another puck making it 5.
The third was reserved for what felt like a victory lap, with Tyler Deweese leading shortly after the first minute. Grant Ledford than slammed the team's seventh point in at 10 minutes, then Tanner Edwards ended the night at the 18 minute mark with the final point of the night, finally putting a cap on the team's fire that had been blazing since the first minute.
This concluded the first in a two-match series at home that ends tonight at the Big Dipper Ice Arena. And though I don't wish to jinx them, I don't think the Dog's are going to need any wishful luck.