Ice Dogs win in fifth matchup of season against Chippewa

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For some good news in hockey the Ice dogs beat the Chippewa Steel last night at the Big Dipper Ice Arena in their 5th game of the season. The Doggy-dogs have been giving their best performances for the last two matches and this does not fail to please. Our very own doggy-dogs won 5-2.
Right from the get-go we get a single puck-in-net made by Parker Brown of the Dogs with no follow-up until the second, where Steel matched the Dog's single point made by Jonathan Sorenson.
The Dog's response was utterly destructive as they landed three pucks, flat-lining Chippewa's single in the third. This was accomplished with the help of Noah Wilson, Luke Mobley and Matt Koethe.
The Dogs were very good about spreading the action between multiple players. No single athlete racked in more than one score. However, Noah Wilson and Nate Reid are certainly deserving of respect. Noah landed a single point and made 1 assist while Nate managed 21 saves on the night.
Fairbanks made 28 shots in total, 8 in the first 10 in the second and another 10 in the third. Chippewa made 23 with 6 in the first 10 in the second and 7 in the third.
This season is looking up for the Dogs who will be giving their all to remain with the positive score of 3-2 tonight in their second matchup against Chippewa in the Big Dipper.