Ice Dogs victorious against Topeka

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In other hockey news, the Ice Dogs are doing very well for themselves. In an NAHL conference matchup with the Topeka Pilots the Dogs went totally hyper and managed 50 shots on goal.
This game concluded with the Doggy Dogs winning 5-1.
Within 3 minutes the Ice Dogs had made a shot on goal with the help of Jonathan Sorenson, who took the lead in this game.
Going into the second we see the vigor of the Dog's true nature, with a second point made within 2 minutes by Dylan Abbott, their 3rd point 9 minutes of game-time later by Matt Koethe, their 4th by Sorenson once more and finally their fifth cementing-win goal by Luke Ciolli with 24 seconds of regulation time left in the second. The third only saw Topeka win one just so that they didn't leave empty-handed.
Jonathan Sorenson as mentioned before lead the Dog's this match with 2 successful shots on goal, with Dylan Abbott close behind with 1 point and an assist.
This match was, as always, the first in a series of two games. And though the Dogs, like the Nooks, are out of town you have no reason to worry that you'll miss anything. Devin Fry the sports guy will have the latest on your Dog and Nook coverage on Monday.