Ice Dogs victorious against Corpus Christi in game one of two

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In more positive hockey news the Ice dogs won their fourth consecutive game last night against Corpus Christi and their Ice Rays.
The Dogs took this match 4-1, making an excellent first-stance in a series of two.
The first period saw much contention between the teams with the Dogs surfacing with 2 goals and the Rays taking 1 for the record.
Luke Mobley was the leader in goals made for Alaska with 2 and 1 assist. Jack Johnston made 1 with 2 assists and Trenton Woods contributed 1 goal as well.
The second period is where the Dogs thrived. It was almost a park kept all for themselves. 2 unanswered goals were slipped past the Rays defense without a response the rest of the period.
Fairbanks made 41 shots in total in contrast to the Rays 28. Nate Reid of the Dogs committed 28 saves in a full match worth of game-time.
The third period had the Dogs hold their defense long enough to settle with their score of 4.
Our victorious Ice Dogs will face Corpus Christy once more tonight. This is sure to be an exciting match, folks.