Ice Dogs take Janesville on in Wisconsin

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Ice Dogs have just gotten out of a semi-hibernation this season after their week-long break late December, and their first matchup of the year against Janesville's Jets proved to be a spectacular start. Opening for a second game that begins tonight, the Dog's took last night's matchup 5-3.
The home-town advantage was certainly not a factor in this game, with both the Dogs and Jets finding even ground by the end of the first. Noah Wilson with the help of Andrew Garby and Luke Mobley took the first goal at just under 10 minutes of regulation time, and remained unanswered for another 10 minutes. The last point of the period was made by Brenden Olson of Janesville.
After a breather, both teams met on the ice again to break the tie in the second period. This one however only saw action from Janesville, with the only point made by Tommy Middleton remaining unanswered until the third.
The next period was an awakening for the Dogs, taking three rapid fire goals with the help of Matt Koethe, Wilson and Jonathan Sorenson. This excellent play spanning a total of 4 minutes in game time cemented the team's win, but Janesville wasn't done and had Jack Vincent land one puck in net, leading Ty Proffitt to put the last nail in the coffin at less than one minute later with the final point of the night.
Wilson was our team's leader this game, with him taking the game-high score of 2 goals and 1 assist and following just behind we saw Luke Mobley who assisted his teammates twice during the game.
This was a great start to our Doggy Dog's year, and opens up for an evenly exciting matchup tonight in the Janesville Ice Arena.