Ice Dogs open season out of state

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In the season opener of NAHL hockey the Ice Dogs faced the Chippewa Steel in their hometown. Unfortunately Steel made for an impenetrable defense last night, and left the Ice Dogs at a score of 1-3.
Hitting nine shots in first, then six and six for 2nd and third, the frosty dogs had a tough time making moves in comparison to Chippewa's 28 shots in total.
Jack Johnston was the only one of our home team who landed a puck in net with the help of Simon Westlund and Jax Murray.
Nate Reid made 28 saves as our only goalie of the night with a time of 60 minutes on the watch.
For Chippewa their best was the likes of Austin Mikesch, Connor Vochozka and Jacob Dirks who made a goal each. Their goalie Owen Zdunski made 21 saves as their only goalie on watch.
The Ice Dogs have a chance for revenge tonight at the Chippewa Youth Arena with the second in a series of two matches.