Ice Dogs on tour, stumble against Janesville's Jets

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Our local Dogs are out of state and on tour this week, with their last matchup made in Wisconsin last night. The fight against Janesville's Jets was one of attrition, and the Ice Dogs couldn't find the energy to push back. This game ended with Janesville pulling ahead at 3-0.
The first period set the bar for the rest of the match, as the Jets made the first of their three goals that went unanswered.
Nate Reid, the dog's goalie for the night saved 17 out of the 20 shots made, just barely, efficiently taking the win over the Ice Dog's 22 shots made on the Jet's goal.
The second period saw no love from either team, and had a lower shot count from the Doggy Dogs. They ended the period taking 8 as opposed to their previous 10.
The final period saw the lowest shot count of the Dog's game with only 4 made, leaving the Jets to take two unanswered goals within their 10 shots, both within the final minutes of allotted game-time.
This game was relatively tame in terms of penalties as well, with both teams taking 3 in total.
Though this game ended some fan's nights on a low note, the Ice Dogs will be right back on their feet tonight to face off against Chippewa Steel, in their home-turf.