Ice Dogs lose 1-3 against Springfield Jr. Blues

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Our Ice Dogs also had an unlucky night yesterday against the Springfield Jr. Blues. Ending the night 1-3, the Dogs could only manage to slip one in the second out of their total of 25 shots, and allowed 3 of the 19 shots made by Springfield to end their first of two matches with a season score of 9-8-1 and bringing the Jr. Blues to 7-8-2.
Tanner Edwards of the Dogs managed the only point made that night with the help of Luke Ciolli and John Stampohar. Luke Mobley endured 2 minutes in penalties. Nate Reid, our goalie for the night saved 16 out of Jr. Blues' 19 shots made.
Max Brainin of Springfield was their top player with only one goal to his nightly-name, but also two assists. David Schmidling and Max Osborne also scored on the night with Sam Sterne helping his team with an assist.
As I had previously mentioned this match brings the Dogs to 9-8-1 on the season so far, and opens for a second match against Springfield tonight at the Big Dipper Ice Arena.